Friday, July 12, 2013

Montana Political News

Steve Bullock used Public Funds (#1criminal priority: FBI) protected law student Angela Wetzsteon.

Steve Bullock as Attorney General violated Montana Ethics Rule 5.5 by protecting Angela Wetzsteon, a 2008 Montana law graduate who carried out Bullock's threat to livelihood by prosecuting law solo in 2007. Bullock then used public funds to protect Ms. Wetzsteon a non state employee and Ravalli Co. Attorney George Corn in court. See  for details.

[See for details on the former law student]

In 2007 Steve Bullock & Mike McGrath sued Eli Lilly over Zyprexa drug perscribed to seniors off label. Steve Bullock stole the $14M judgment (more public fraud) from the Montana people. $9M went to a Mental Health trust fund although the victims in Montana were not mentally ill. About $4M went to his Highway Patrol probably to buy the 75 year anniversary patrol cars, their AR-15 "Assault Weapons", or whatever these people who dont give test results to recruits in 2008 do other than blame victims of accidents, or dont even investigate (Sept 14, 2007 US 93 Hamilton MT) which retired Paul Grimsted, MHP Commander and now Mike Tooley too.

Steve Bullock tried to make petitioning government a crime to Lincoln Co. recall organizers, and threatened jail for asking for help from the Montana AG office.


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