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Payback is a Bitch

Steve Bullock's TEAMSTERS

Steve Bullock made opinion as Montana Attorney General, and candidate for Montana Governor that Doug Walsh, Superintendent of Ennis Montana Schools acted inappropriately with public funds to raise money for a primary school in Ennis.

Does it seem strange that the Montana Education Association, and Montana Federation of Teachers, MEA MFT COPE union would endorse Steve Bullock as he threw a member UNDER THE BUS? Steve Bullock is desperate to win, to hide his own misconduct with public funds: protecting the 2007 criminal act of Angela Wetzsteon non-state employee tit-for tat for THIS endoresement.
(see link below for more details).

Steve Bullock also stole $14M of public funds in the Zyprexa case from 2007 as all of the Montana victims were NOT mentally ill.  But Steve Bullock started the Mental Health Trust Fund anyway.

BREAKING: Steve Bullock lost in the US SUPREME COURT.
corporate financing is not good, but it shows Bullocks old Boss Mike McGrath (now Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court) can't give Steve Bullock a pitch to hit out of the park on campaign finance, and help his election chance in Monana--nice try guys.
[Note read the link below on the Zyprexa case how Bullock, McGrath embezzled public funds]
As Black Sabbath says "If you listen to fools (Bullock, Feaver, McGrath) the Mob rules"

Dont let the mob rule your vote in 2012 for Montana Governor.

White House strongarms MEA MFT COPE endorsement

Steve Bullock, candidate for Governor of Montana 2012 just received a strange endorsement recently.
Eric Feaver of the Montana Educator Association (MEA-MFT COPE)

On the heels of slamming the Ennis Montana School District Superintendent for improper use of public funds (something Steve Bullock is expert at) he gets the school union endorsement in Montana. Something does not add up here for the MEA-MFT COPE union headed by Eric Feaver in Helena.
jim messina david cameron
Jim Messina Obama Campaign Manager 2012 (now booted from the Administration)
read more:

What does make sense is Democratic operatives such as Jim Messina "from Montana" pressuring the union to back Bullock. The question is, do Montana Voters follow unions endorsements into the voting booth? It would be a hard sell to elect a Democrat in any state in the Union after the 2010 windfall for the other corporate party. Steve Bullock showing his desperation for Governor.

Read about the Jim Messina: deny civil rights requests as staff for Obama
THE MONTANA US PRESIDENT LETTER (read on every continent on Earth)

  • Steve Bullock used public funds to protect the criminal act of an unsupervised law student, Angela Wetzsteon even though the law student was not a state employee.
(as the candidate for Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock is above the law, ethics)
read more:
  • Steve Bullock stole $14M from Montana ELDERLY as the actual victims of the Zyprexa lawsuit in 2007 [$4 Million to MT DOJ; $9M to "mental health trust fund"].
read more: Steve Bullock misuse of public funds: $14M worth.  

Eric Feaver should be ashamed of throwing a Superintendent under the UNION Bus, Doug Walsh who served Montana proudly as an Educator professional. Steve Bullock must be nervous if he is calling in favors from Jim Messina by getting a union endorsement.

Can't other educators in Montana figure out that this "endorsement" came pretty high up if the same news cycle has a superintendent in Montana trashed by Steve Bullock? I'll bet the UNION is not too key on endorsing a person like Steve Bullock who abused one of their own!
This Montana Educator fought back....
Steve Bullock thinks he can trash educators, in Montana and then get endorsed by their Union.

Ahh Politics in Montana. As in everywhere, its all perception and mostly a steamy pile of bull.

MORE BREAKING: Law enforcement in Lake Co. Montana (Polson, MT) file civil rights suit due to Steve Bullock Attorney General refusing to look into law enforcement crime in Montana.

"Real Time" example of law enforcement CRIME
Steve Bullock's Montana Attorney General Office: "No Jurisdiction"
39 in 9 languages

Stevie Wonder Bullock in Charge.
Montana Ranks 48th of 48 States....due to NO ACTION.
[unlawful entry by Police Chief, Detective; no reasonable suspicion for Probation]
Such a Shame about Steve Bullock and the State of Montana:
Steve Bullock violates the #1 Criminal Priority of the FBI:

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  1. Steve Bullock has been stopped from becoming any sort of US Cabinet post after Montana Governor. By threatening a federal officer from FEMA in 2007, to engaging in public fraud of Zyprexia ($14M) with Mike McGrath, to protecting Angela Wetzsteon with public funds (an unauthorized law student practicing solo)as Montana Attorney General violates Montana Ethics rule No. 5.5.